Art Deco How-to Guide: 4 Easy Décor Ideas


Ah, Art Deco – that beautiful, functional, stylishly retro art and décor that exudes a feeling of opulent modernity and harks back to an era of carefree abandon and joy in progress. It's a style reflected in Old Hollywood's glamour, in Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural marvels and in the iconic and much-copied fashion drawings of Erté.

We've seen it in a host of movies and TV series – from Boardwalk Empire to American Horror Story – and its legacy lives on in some of the most well-known buildings around the world.

If you've developed a bit of a hankering to surround yourself with a little old-style glamour after watching The Great Gatsby or bingeing on Bogey and Bacall, we certainly can't blame you.

But where to start? Do you redecorate your entire house to look and feel just like a movie set, or do you start slowly, with a few select pieces? If you want to go all the way, we can, of course, help; but if you want to take it slow, ease into it nice and languid-like, we have a few tips on how to get started on your Art Deco journey.

Choose function over form

While innovative design was at the very heart of Art Deco, one of its defining characteristics is that most of its elements are functional as well as beautiful. So, rather than choosing a statuette, choose an item that serves a purpose, too. You could try a matching pair of table lamps, a useful coat rack, an accent table or a stylish mirror.

1. Shed some light on it

One of our favorite ways to introduce a bit of Art Deco to your life is through lighting. It's not as overwhelming as changing all your furniture, but it still adds that touch of opulence to your space. With a little attention to detail, you can replace your existing wall sconces with gorgeous Art Deco sconces, turning your room's lighting into something you don't just use to see by, but something to look at, too.

2. Hang your hat on it

Grab guests' attention the minute they step in the door with an eye-catching coat rack or hall tree. The epitome of form meeting function, this piece can set the tone and serve as a great introduction into the world of Art Deco.

3. Somewhere to put your "cuppa joe"

If you're feeling a little more adventurous and want to get into Art Deco furniture straight away, you can't go wrong with a good accent table – it will give you somewhere to put the elephant wine cooler when you throw a lavish party.

4. Look yourself in the kisser

Mirrors can be the aspiring Art Decorator's best friend. Not only does a mirror add depth and dimension to any space, but a beautifully crafted Art Deco mirror can jazz up the room – plus it gives you somewhere to check the cut of your zoot suit, or make sure your feather boa's lying just so.

These are just a few short little tips on how to take the first steps. We are sure you're going to enjoy your journey into the world of Art Deco. Stay in touch for more ideas.

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  • Matthew Pillet
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