4 Dazzling Lighting Tips for Your Living Room


One of the greatest inventions of the modern age is still electric lighting - it just takes one black-out to remind us of how great it really is.

But lighting is about more than just being able to see what you're doing. It's about creating a great atmosphere, enhancing comfort and even about making your home look amazing. Here are four ways you can use lighting to make your living room dazzle.

Bronze floor lamps

1 - Think in layers

Having one great chandelier may make a statement, but what happens when you want to reduce the light levels for a more intimate feel? 

Your living room should have at least three levels of lighting: bright, intermediate and low. You can achieve this by having at least three different sources of lighting, such as a chandelier or ceiling fitting, floor or table lamps, and sconces. 

You can experiment with different combinations to give you more variety of layering as well.

2 - Measure up

When you're planning new furniture, you take the time to measure the room and make sure everything will fit properly - so why not do the same with lighting? The wrong sized lamps or chandeliers will look out of proportion, or could either get in the way or disappear.

Art Deco Chandelier

Measure the floor/ceiling space, room height and distance from the windows and doors to make sure your lighting will fit where you need it.

3 - Accentuate the positive

Do you have a particularly nice piece of Mid-century Modern art, or a classic 1930s movie poster that you'd like to show off?

A good accent light can help you highlight it - just don't make it a blinding light. Consider the overall tone of the room and just add enough to make it stand out without being a big distraction.

4 - Watch your tone

When choosing the light bulbs for your fitting and lamps, pay attention to the tone of the globe.

Mikael Darni Table Lamps

If your shade is colored or painted, using a cooler white light can help make the colors pop, but in a clear or monochrome shade it can make your room feel over-bright or washed out.

For clear glass or Lucite, or light-colored shades, choosing a warmer tone will help create a more comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Taking the time to consider your lighting will make a big difference to the atmosphere of your room. Don't be afraid to experiment with tones and placements before you choose your ceiling lights, lamps and sconces. And don't be afraid to ask us!

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  • Matthew Pillet
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