How to Choose the Perfect Buffet


Choosing the right buffet for your dining area takes just as much consideration as choosing the right dining table. After all, the two pieces of furniture will inhabit their positions for many years and - if chosen wisely - complement each other, working together as a team to bring you great dining experiences. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect buffet.

French Art Deco Five-Door Buffet with Silver Plaques

French Art Deco Five-Door Buffet with Silver Plaques

If you already have a dining table, you will need to take it into consideration when choosing a buffet. The style, wood, size will all make a difference to the buffet you eventually select. 

Feel your space

In any dining room, once the guests are seated, there won't be much moving around. that doesn't mean you don't need space, though, as people hate feeling cramped. When looking for a buffet, measure the available space and make sure there will still be plenty of room for people to get up and serve themselves, and that none of your guests will feel too crowded..

Wood for life

The majority of buffets are made from various woods. Try your best to match the wood to the dining table, or at least find something in as similar a color as possible. If matching the color proves too difficult, try going for something contrasting, or complementary. For example, if your table is light oak, but you can only find a mahogany buffet with light oak insets that fits, that's complementary.

French Art Deco Macassar "Zigzag" Buffet, circa 1920s

French Art Deco Macassar "Zigzag" Buffet, circa 1920s

Style is everything

If your dining table follows a specific style, try to find a buffet in a similar style. Of course, with Art Deco, you get to have a lot of fun playing around with styles that complement each other! Many Art Deco buffets have interesting features like mirrored panels, geometric inlays and other style features that keep things interesting.

Fit for purpose

A buffet isn't just a beautiful piece of furniture, it's a highly functional one, too. Each buffet will have different functional features and it helps to know what you need it for. For example, some buffets include a dry bar, while others have a marble top on which you can place hot dishes without worry.

French Art Deco Numbered Gaston Poisson Buffet

French Art Deco Numbered Gaston Poisson Buffet

Work out what functions you need from your buffet and go from there. These functions can include storage, service, dry bar and more.


Of course, we've been discussing buffets under the assumption they will be in the dining room. This is not always the case. Depending on its purpose - and your available space - you could choose to put one in your living room. This is often the choice when people look for a dry bar, as most of the drinks will be served in the living room before and after dinner.

French Art Deco Rosewood Diamond Marquetry Buffet

French Art Deco Rosewood Diamond Marquetry Buffet

If you're choosing a buffet for the living room, you can still use exactly the same considerations to help you choose the right one. Matching it to the style of the room in which it will reside, how much space it will need, what materials it's made of and the colors, etc, will all still be valid.

A buffet can be a fantastic addition to any dining room or living room. Take your time choosing the right one, and you will get years of pleasure from it.

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