A Buffet in Any Other Room


You know what I really love in a piece of furniture? Well, I mean, besides the design, the materials and the craftsmanship? Versatility. There is nothing better than a great piece of furniture that can perform its function - and even a few additional ones - in various different rooms. 

Besides chairs and maybe certain tables, a lot of furniture really only has one job - I'm not about to set up a bed in my kitchen, for example. One piece of furniture that really goes in almost any room of the house, however, is a good buffet.

A Buffet By Any Other Name

With a name like "buffet" it almost feels mandatory that it goes in the dining room. However, buffets have long been known by more than just the one name. Other nomenclatures include sideboard, dry bar, credenza and cellarette and, just as many names as it has, so many uses it has as well.

A buffet in your dining room is a great place to store glassware, silverware and flatware, as well as to serve your food from. In fact, we've gone into the uses for a dining room buffet before, here. Its uses extend beyond the dining room, though, and we'll look at some of them today.

Living Room 

Most homes have two great entertainment areas - the dining room and the living room. A well-placed dry bar can really enhance a living room by providing you with a great place to store your glassware and any drinks that don't need refrigerating. It's also a good storage space for dry snacks, making it perfect for entertaining in the living room before going in for dinner.

Dry bars come in various shapes and sizes. Some are taller, functioning almost like a cabinet, while others will reach around hip-height, making them ideal for serving party snacks and drinks.


You might or might not be able to decorate your office at work the way you want, but either way, nothing is stopping you from doing just what you want in your home office. At home or at work, add a credenza for a classy, beautiful look as well as a great place to store all those essential files, stationery, backup hard drives, everything the modern office needs to run efficiently. 

An office buffet can even continue serving its original purpose by doubling up as a coffee station with your cups, cookies and other coffee break essentials stared inside, and your prep surface neatly laid out on top.


Buffets are such great multi-purpose pieces of furniture, they're even perfect for using in the bedroom. Use it instead of a chest of drawers to store those items that don't fit in the regular closet, or that don't have a logical designated place.

Buffet in bedroom

One lady I knew kept all her dancing gear and accessories in a gorgeous old credenza with mother-of-pearl inlays. It was all very Black Swan!


If you have a separate den to your living room, you know just how quickly you end up with a huge pile of things that get shuttled between the two rooms. Everything from the Xbox to the inflatable mattress for guests can find its way into a corner of the den and make a mess of it.

Or maybe your den is an entertainment area, a place where the guys come to watch the game. Either way, you'll find that a buffet or sideboard not only makes for great storage space, it also makes for an ideal TV stand.

Whatever you do with your buffet, don't be afraid to experiment with decor. It's worth it to be able to think of new uses for such a versatile piece of furniture.

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  • Matthew Pillet
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