Arranging the Perfect Bedroom


Bedrooms are unique rooms - they are not usually designed as rooms in which to entertain guests, unlike just about every other room in the house. So why bother decorating them, or arranging them well?

Bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep in; they are one's refuge after a long day, a place to unwind and relax. So we think the question is, why shouldn't you have a beautiful, comfortable, well-designed bedroom?

Make mine extra-long

French Art Deco Sycamore Bed in the Style of Jules Leleu

French Art Deco Sycamore Bed in the Style of Jules Leleu

You're going to hopefully spend a good one-third of every day catching some shut-eye, so getting the right bed is critical. It needs to be comfortable and it has to be the right size for you. It also has to fit into the bedroom, so make sure and measure the room properly before buying a king-sized extra-long.

Make sure you can open all the closet doors comfortably, that you won't trip over anything if visiting the bathroom in the middle of the night, and that you have room to walk around either side of the bed - it makes making the bed a lot easier!

Also make sure that the placement of the bed isn't obstructing anything, like those closet doors, access to the window, or the path to the bathroom. 

Just put it on the nightstand

If, like me, you are a bed-reader, you'll want somewhere to put the book after you're done for the night. I also like to have a glass of water, and my reading light is a table lamp. All those things need something to stand on, so consider bedside tables.

Of course, these also need space to exist, so again, measuring is important. Some bedrooms can accommodate a spacious table, while others can barely get by with a tiny one. If you have one of the latter, get creative. Instead of a table, how about putting up a small shelf?

Does that come in a set?

French Art Deco Bedroom Set: Bed, Nightstands and Armoire

French Art Deco Bedroom Set: Bed, Nightstands and Armoire

Especially when you're trying to turn your home int, oh, say, a Mid-century Modern or Art Deco Palace, it's really great when you can find a bedroom suite of matching pieces. It just creates a uniform, recognizable style basis that makes adding decorative items a cherry on the cake, rather than a design essential.

Like with any bedroom furniture, make sure it not only fits, but that it won't block any doors, closets and so on.

X marks the spot

The best way to organize your space is to draw a map of the bedroom - after measuring it twice - and to plot the layout before bringing any of your furniture in. This way you can work out the best locations for each piece and not spend hours shuffling heavy furniture around.

Small space, big comfort

Pair of French Art Deco Brass and Nickel Sconces

Pair of French Art Deco Brass and Nickel Sconces

What happens if you have a really small bedroom, though, with just enough space for a double bed and not much else? Well, that's when becoming creative helps. Like with the idea of putting up a shelf instead of a nightstand or headboard, there are several ways to still create a cozy, attractive bedroom with limited space.

Rather than floor lamps or bedside lamps, use wall sconces to save on floor space, and don't make the room feel crowded with a low-hanging ceiling light.

American Art Deco 1920s Mirror with Wood Floral Motif

American Art Deco 1920s Mirror with Wood Floral Motif

If you want to add some period-authentic decor to the room, try hanging a mirror or a painting, rather than cluttering things with knickknacks on tables.

Big space, big pleasure

If you have a nice large bedroom and want to add in a sofa or two, why on earth not do it? Here, again, it helps to plan the bedroom and actually demarcate the areas. If you want a comfortable reading corner, great, but have it be its own area, somewhere to relax without sleeping.

Most of all, when you're planning your bedroom layout, spend some time doing the things you would do in the bedroom - lay on the floor where you plan to put the bed and make sure the lights don't shine directly in your eyes, or that you can see the whole room clearly.

Use some string and mark out the spaces where furniture will go and walk around the room, making sure you can move around comfortably. Don't think of it as a waste of time, think of it as the perfect opportunity to get this room, your sanctuary, perfect.

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