Five Great Reasons to Get a Buffet


Buffets are one of those pieces of furniture that is often overlooked while decorating and furnishing the home. To me, that's crazy, because the right buffet in your dining room can make a massive difference to your enjoyment of the space.

Besides the added style element that a well-chosen buffet can add to your overall decor, buffets are genuinely useful pieces of furniture. Here are five really good reasons why you should consider getting one.

French Art Deco Buffet with Portoro Marble Top

French Art Deco Buffet with Portoro Marble Top

Maximize storage space

Many newer homes come with less storage space than one would ideally like. I know in many of the homes I see, most of the kitchen's cupboard space is taken up by food and cooking utensils, leaving very little space for flatware, silverware and glasses. 

A buffet takes care of that storage space hassle in one, neat and attractive package. Even a small buffet usually has more than enough space for all your cutlery, crockery and drinking glasses, plus that delicate bone china tea set Aunt Mabel gave you at your wedding that's been hiding in a box at the top of your closet for years.

Bronze Face French Art Deco Buffet

Bronze Face French Art Deco Buffet

Less table clutter

Everybody loves a good dinner party - it's full of good food, good wine and good conversation. It's also usually full of clutter. All the food dishes, glasses, bottles of wine, condiments and whatever else has been crammed onto the table takes up a lot of space, and often makes for one big mess.

By shifting all the food serving dishes and utensils, as well as the bottles of drinks, off the table and onto the buffet, you've made the table less cluttered, and you've added a freer, more comfortable atmosphere where people aren't constantly having to avoid stuff.

French Art Deco Exotic Macassar Ebony Buffet With Dry Bar, circa 1940s

French Art Deco Exotic Macassar Ebony Buffet With Dry Bar, circa 1940s

Easier serving

Along with the clutter comes serving difficulty. No matter how carefully you place the various food dishes on your dining table, there's going to be a lot of reaching across the table to get at things.

That, again, translates to a big mess, not to mention the jostling, sleeves dangling in soup and tangle of arms all trying to grab a roast potato before they're all gone.

A buffet allows for neat, orderly dishing of food and seating, and also makes it super easy for anyone who wants seconds to get them. You can also keep your drinks bottles and decanters neatly on one end, making it simple to top up glasses when needed.

Space saving

This may seem counter-intuitive; after all, it is a whole other piece of furniture to fit into the dining room. However, a buffet itself doesn't take up a whole lot of room, and it allows you to reconsider various other furniture options.

For example, many people buy a too-big dining table to accommodate all the various food dishes that it needs to accommodate. By using a buffet ever day, you can opt for a family-size table rather than a party-size one.

You also won't need to buy additional free-standing shelves or cupboards to store your flatware, silverware and glasses. Those can all fit in the buffet, no problem.

French Art Deco Palisander Buffet

French Art Deco Palisander Buffet


A dining room can be a difficult room to add character to. It usually includes nothing more than a table and some chairs, and the occasional painting or mirror on the wall. A buffet, however, helps you add character to the room, along with your carefully selected lighting, in two ways:

Firstly, in itself it is a decor item which adds to the room's overall design; secondly, it is a handy surface on which you can place one or two decorative items, including a table lamp, that add those little finishing touches to round out the room.

Buffets are a great addition to any dining room, and next time, we'll take a look at how to choose the perfect buffet for your home and needs.

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