A Chandelier for All Seasons


Regardless of what size house you live in, a chandelier is always an incredible way to not only literally brighten up a room, but also figuratively brighten it. By choosing the right chandelier for each room of the house, you bring in personality, style and an indelible statement that this room may serve a purpose, but it's also there for enjoying.

But which rooms should you put a chandelier in? Honestly, I'd put one in every single room... yes, even the bathroom. Why on earth not? Let's have a look at a few ideas for choosing chandeliers for different rooms of the house.

Dining room


French Art Deco Chandelier with Geometric Flying Bird Motif

French Art Deco Chandelier with Geometric Flying Bird Motif

I've spoken before about lighting up your dining room, so we won't get into too much detail about brightness, except to say, this is one room where you want to be able to see what you're doing. If you want atmosphere, you can always install a dimmer switch, but you need good lighting here.

This is also the room where you will - hopefully - do the bulk of your indoor entertaining, so glam it up here. Choose the chandelier that best expresses your love of Art Deco or Mid-century Modern, and make it the one with the most effective lighting.

Top tip: For dining rooms, because you will be seated most of the time, and won't move around under the chandelier, you have the option of lower-hanging chandeliers. As long as it doesn't obstruct the conversation!

Living room

Mid-Century Italian Camer Calla Lily Murano Glass Chandelier

Mid-Century Italian Camer Calla Lily Murano Glass Chandelier

Living room lighting depends on what you primarily do in there. If you spend a lot of time watching TV, you may want lower-level lighting, while a more entertainment-oriented living room needs a bit more. Either way, try to match your chandelier to the tone of the room.

If you have gone all out with your Art Deco or mid-century Modern stylings in this room, then don't hesitate to go all out with a suitable chandelier. For a more understated design pallette, choose a simpler style.

Top tip: You don't want the chandelier to get in the way of comfortable movement, so choose chandeliers that don't hang too low. If you want plenty of lighting, wider is better than lower-hanging.


Your kitchen is another area that needs a lot of lighting to avoid accidentally cutting yourself or using the wrong spices. For evenly distributed lighting, depending on the size of your kitchen, two or even three smaller, matching chandeliers are ideal. 

While you can certainly choose a glamorous style, bear in mind that kitchens are full of steam and other vapors, so the chandelier can get grubby-looking quickly. Choose one that will be easier to clean

Top tip: For ease of cleaning, choose a chandelier that has removable parts. For example, if the glass fitting can be taken down to clean, it means less chances of breakage.



Italian Mid-Century Two-Tiered Chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari

Italian Mid-Century Two-Tiered Chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari

Bathrooms - except for ultra-fancy ones in very large homes - tend to be much smaller and more functional than any other rooms. When choosing a chandelier for this room, look for something small but beautiful.

Like with the kitchen, this one will be subjected to a lot of steam, so something that's easier to clean is never a bad idea.

Top tip: Choose a chandelier here that is fairly sturdy. If you accidentally get a towel caught on it, you don't want baubles and parts to go flying.


Italian Mid-Century White Feather Glass Chandelier by Mazzega

Italian Mid-Century White Feather Glass Chandelier by Mazzega

Ah, the room where all the "swinging from the chandelier" happens (Don't swing from the chandelier, it will break!). Bedrooms are, usually, less of an entertainment area and more of a relaxation area. This doesn't mean you can't have a glamorous and beautiful chandelier, though. 

Choose something highly decorative but with lower lighting levels for the bedroom - always bearing your furniture's styles in mind, of course. This is one room where what you want goes and you get to completely indulge your fantasies of palatial living - even if it is a small room. Go ahead and spoil yourself here with something really gorgeous.

Top tip: Consider the movement that may happen in the dark. You don't want to be caught in baubles on your way to the bathroom at 4 a.m. Plan your placement carefully.

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